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Rockpool Dining Group


Alphabet were invited to develop a precinct name and identity for a group of restaurant venues owned and operated by the Urban Purveyor Group at The Rocks. The identity system, driven by the many variations of the letter X and X-words, offers either a primary or endorsement positioning, and enables each of the venues to present their own identity under the umbrella of ArgyleXchange. The name and campaign plays on the concept of ‘X marks the spot’ using apps, web, street, posters, chalk messages, animation and video to incite social media and word of mouth uptake.

photography Richard Hedger


what they had to say...

"The brand and ensuing campaign was a bold and confidant execution which took over the city and generated enormous response resulting in increased awareness of product, venue and revenue across all relevant brands."
Janna Szangolies
Group Marketing Manager
"You guys have nailed it again -
thank you, its fabulous! "
Stacey Allen
Argyle Exchange Brand Manager, Urban Purveyor Group

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