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belvoir rebrand and 2011 season


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Alphabet have been working with Belvoir about 14 years. We have nurtured and evolved the brand of Sydney’s much loved and respected theatre company. In 2011 a we rebranded the company. The challenge was to retain the key essence of Belvoir, yet reflect the flavour of the new vision. The identity is a play on the illusion of theatre and the suspension of disbelief.

creative consultant
Pim van Nunen

photography WILK


what they had to say...

"...This has been a hugely successful strategic repositioning that has seen an increase in audience interaction in all key target metrics, with some of the strongest subscription sales in the company’s history. "
Brenna Hobson,
Executive Director
"Simplicity is it’s own reward"
Steven Heller
Core 77 International Design Awards, 2011

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