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Dark Days Luminous Nights


Manchester Collective



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An ambitious and immersive audio visual experience

Commissioned and produced by Manchester Collective, Dark Days, Luminous Nights is an immersive, audio-visual installation, featuring music, film, dance and photography. Featuring the work of artists Simon Buckley and Blackhaine and Manchester Collective, Dark Days Luminous Nights came into fruition during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and explores the facets of a city that have been lost during precarious times.

The identity draws inspiration from this uncertain time which finds itself in a constant state of flux and oscillation.

A dynamic mark was created – evolving, morphing, receding and reappearing as a complicit visual to the performers evocative choreography as he glides from one unsettling environment to another. Working alongside the videography, the animated typography seamlessly meshes with the raw intoxicating work as it stares deeply into the soul of a city and asks: what have we lost?

All artistic content has been captured and recorded in Manchester and Salford (UK), during the pandemic.

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A unique live installation-meets-exhibition – shining a light on a certain kind of beauty where you least expect it.

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