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Brand Identity

Go electric. Go everywhere.

Alphabet was asked to design a brand identity for an exciting venture. A company that will produce, operate and facilitate Australia’s first nationally coordinated ultra fast-charging electronic vehicles network.

Working with the team at Evie, Alphabet named the company. Drawing on the Steve Wright track of the same name – We shamelessly tapped into the essence of the tune and its place in Australian pub rock culture… the freedom to be what you want to be and go where you want to go – Evie Let your hair hang down. It also conveniently phonetically is the abbreviation for Electric Vehicle.

Further to embracing nostalgic songs and sounds, we looked to the defining features of past iconic brands of the motor industry synonymous with road trips and Australian landscapes… Shell, Golden Fleece, Mobil and Caltex to name a few. A bespoke type-based mark was created. An integrated mascot reminiscent of petrol station logotypes of bygone eras suggests freedom, travel and adventure.

Application and representation of the brand mark is broad. From charging pods to uniforms, digital assets to campaign comms, Alphabet were engaged to conceptualizes and implement the EVIE brand identity far and wide.