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This way up

“This way up” defines both Henley Reid’s ethos and Alphabet’s approach to brand positioning and creation.  A premium, forward-thinking and enterprising recruitment agency servicing the legal sector, Henley Reid required a sophisticated brand identity to resonate with their motivated and ambitious target audience. 

Alphabet worked alongside the Henley Reid team to express the essence of a confident, connected and insightful industry leader. Crafting a refined and contemporary mark, the graphic resolve and all support graphic assets communicate a sense of movement and projection. The static render set the foundation for animated expressions of the dynamic brand across digital applications while speaking seamlessly to print collateral.  

Henley Reid’s distinctive brand consolidates the company’s respected position in the niche category – striving upwards to achieve positive career change and success for those endeavouring to enhance their opportunities and aspirations in legal practice.

From the master brand mark design to website architecture, design and implementation, Alphabet created a comprehensive suite of robust brand tools. A bespoke tooling of a contemporary font, aligned with a cool, confident restrained colour palette directly positions Henley Reid as an assured and highly capable collaborator in a competitive and constantly changing sector.

Website Development by Jala Design in close collaboration with Alphabet.