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2019 - 2023

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Art Direction
Image making


Photography Brett Boardman

It was love at first sight

Griffin’s passion for nurturing and launching new exceptional Australian work is inspiring. We love when our clients push boundaries and program relevant theatre. Alphabet and Griffin’s collaboration on representing their seasons and how to best represent new Australian work continues to thrive. Alphabet is annually asked to concept their season launch as well as roll out their single-ticket campaigns throughout the year.

2021 - onwards

In 2021 Declan Greene was appointed new Artistic Director of Griffin Theatre Company. With a changing of the guard – a fresh, new and alternative vision comes to light. A shift in gear, a contrasting approach, a different point of view. We at Alphabet Studio have found ourselves in this position on a number of occasions. It provides us with an excellent opportunity to rethink, readjust and reinterpret our deliberating, process, and methods to align with the new Director’s ideals and future directions for the Company.

Layered with abundance, the image-making brought together a collection of stylists, hair and make artists, videographers and animators. Quite intentionally, the images underwent significant post-production treatments,  as we created fantastical environments to house the embellished portraits. The Season images created are a series of works we are very proud of. The imagery stands as a unique collection of intriguing, memorable and eclectic representations of theatre programming synonymous with Green’s tenor to date.

Working alongside Artistic Director, Declan Greene and the team at Griffin opened up worlds of possibility. The work is invigorating, extraordinary and diverse. Griffin’s passion for nurturing and launching new exceptional Australian work is consistently inspiring.

Griffin-2022-Season-Showreel- Image

In contrast to Greens predecessor, Lee Lewis, the general directive was to amp everything up… a lot. Declan’s ‘more is more’ mantra informed Alphabet’s approach in a dramatic and exciting way. Pushing boundaries,  Greene’s visual references were eclectic and hectic, generally with an overriding queer sensibility and early 90’s ephemeral and transitory popular culture nostalgia. Working with Declan and his team, Alphabet indulged the fertile foundation to create and develop original, compelling and contemporary Season images. 

2019 - 2023

It was love at first sight. Meeting and having the great privilege of working with Artistic Director Lee Lewis and her team at Griffin Theatre Company has been a true highlight for Alphabet Studio. It was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Griffin during Lee’s time at the theatre before she moved on to Queensland Theatre Company. Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious. A formidable supporter of Australian-made theatre, Lee provided a platform to explore, experiment, emote and express all things stage-worthy. Alphabet and the Griffin Theatre team worked closely together to create evocative and dynamic imagery – always raw, uncompromising, up close and personal. 

Griffin 2020 campaign - 3 Image
Griffin 2020 campaign - 4 Image
GRIFFIN-2019-brochure-cover Image

Griffin Theatre Company’s seasons consist of only Australian work, the majority of which is completely new. Developed and nurtured by the company – from paper, to play, to performance, to people. Alphabet employed a complementary approach to the look, tone and feel of campaign material. Hand-generated marks, ideas and gestures were created to overlay photographer Brett Boardman’s arresting images.  

With a paper backdrop in his back garden, an ensemble of talented actors and a fresh insight into an unknown script, we stripped all art direction back to basic attributes… a moment, an emotion, a mood, an action, each narrative captured in a lucid and honest way.