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Photographer: Paul Blackmore

Not Just opera....Queensland Opera!

Alphabet collaborated with the team at Queensland Opera to create a fun, bright and spirited campaign identity to promote their 2024 Season. Working with Artistic director Patrick Nolan, photographer Paul Blackmore and the hugely talented Opera Queensland costume designers, hair and make-up team and performers, we had a great time placing our turn-of-the-century clad talent into present-day Queensland environments.

Just another day at work, these spectacularly outfitted performers (wigs, ruffs and corsets) were photographed hailing cabs, waiting at bus stops or enjoying a flat white. Our campaign takes opera to the people of Queensland.

Bright, bold and unapologetically camp, the art direction ensured the campaign identity and Season ahead is accessible, entertaining, surprising and most of all – good fun

Strategically, the campaign is created to break down barriers and associations of elitism and exclusivity. Opera can be loud, brash, epic and dramatic. Positioning our talent in full costume regalia in familiar suburban environments with strong reference to Queensland-specific signage, street furniture and leisure pursuits establishes an intriguing connection of sorts. The unceremonious integration of the two worlds makes for curious dialogue and compelling positioning, prompting existing and potential audiences to dig deeper.

A bright, bold Brisbane bus stop image. Created by Alphabet Studio for Queensland Opera. Portrait Image
A bright, bold ibis image. Created by Alphabet Studio for Queensland Opera. Portrait Image
A bright, bold Brisbane street scene. Created by Alphabet Studio for Queensland Opera. Portrait Image

The two day shoot made for a collaboration of talent at the top of their game. Bringing to life a concept which rolls out across all marketing touch points, a combination of static and motion was produced to define the Season and the intrinsic role Opera plays in Queensland.

Alphabet conceptualised, art directed and produced all post-production work on the full suite of hero and support imagery. Further to this scope of deliverables was the design and layout of the Season brochure and campaign copywriting.

The campaign has proven to be a big hit and stands as a credit to the Queensland Opera team who embraced and committed to endeavouring to make the artform attainable and enjoyable to wider audiences.