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Brand and campaign for Sydney Dance Company's INDance

Alphabet and Sydney Dance Company collaborated on brand and campaign for this impressive and inclusive programming initiative.  INDance provides a platform for independent contemporary dance artists to perform their works to wider audiences. Held annually at the  Nielson Studio, INDance pushes boundaries as it showcases diverse, innovative and experimental dance works.

Alphabet’s key objective was to develop a cohesive visual expression of diverse productions all presented under one distinctive festival identity and campaign rollout.

The brandmark reflects the essence of many parts coming together to make a whole as the letterforms dynamically manifest to reveal the festival title – INDance. The palette is minimal (three colours), providing a supportive canvas to the wonderful mixed bag of creative expression that defines INDance.

We developed a strategic graphic framework that enabled the representation of multi-faceted programming through innovative use of animation. Working with existing footage obtained via multiple sources, it was imperative that a system be created to seamlessly house and communicate a unified message. INDance is a coming together of contrasting forms, methodologies and expressions of dance. Dissecting the motion and then reassembling it, allowed each artist to stand alone as well as be integrated into an essential part of a cohesive offering.

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An AGDA award-winning brand and campaign that Sydney Dance Company continues to use to promote diverse, innovative and experimental dance works.

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