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A robust brand architecture for a forever evolving company

Sydney Dance Company approached Alphabet with a ‘problem’. A problem many of us would like to have. The Company is experiencing rapid growth, expansion and evolution. As the Company continues to enjoy enormous success both nationally and internationally, opportunities arise to explore and develop new ventures. Pivotal to this are three core areas – training, classes and venue – all requiring a brand architecture that houses sub-brands and an overarching structure to unify them.

The brand required a structured, extendable and flexible brand architecture system to accommodate the growth and representation of new offers while not disrupting the current brand status. Based on a strategic audit and analysis, it was agreed that the existing master brand confidently boasts a positive presence, awareness and equity.

On establishing and consolidating the titling system, the three sub-brands were considered individually regarding sub-brand expression. The essence of the master brand needs to be evident, however, key features belonging to the sub-brands are elevated to ensure differentiation between offers is clear and immediate.

Sydney Dance Classes for example employs a bold, bright and dynamic colour palette and candid spontaneous imagery, in contrast to Sydney Dance Training which is more restrained, academic and subtle with the photography one or two dancers demonstrating technique and form cropped and positioned to highlight prowess.

Working with the Sydney Dance team has ensured the brand architecture and its fundamental assets are in place for future-proofing, setting the stage as the company continues to grow, and ensuring that there is no dilution of the impeccable brand that is Sydney Dance Company.