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Alphabet Studio



Powerhouse Museum

Type of work

Brand system
Graphic Design
Exhibition Design

The visible storage collection

Visual identity system for an ongoing program of display collections housed at the Powerhouse under the banner of Recollect. The display collections are literally “out of the box” straight from the warehouse to the public for viewing. The graphics are modular and can be “packed, unpacked and repacked” to reflect the immediacy of the showcases.

Recollect-Auto-ObsessionPowerhouse-MAAS-AutoObsession-Poster-grey-R Image
MAAS-Powerhouse-Recollect-Shoes-1-S Image
150324_AlphabetPowerhouse 0269 Image
150324_AlphabetPowerhouse 0265 Image
150324_AlphabetPowerhouse 0247 Image

Recollect-Auto-ObsessionPowerhouse-MAAS-AutoObsession-Inside1-R Image