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Photography by Gary Heery

An AI walk through life stories

The Sydney Jewish Museums interactive exhibition, Reverberations is a pathway through a moment in history towards a better future – a visual expression of the idea that testimony reverberates within individuals, amongst communities and across generations. This is not an exhibition about the events of the Holocaust – it’s about the people who experienced it – and the painful decisions these individuals make each time they relive stories of unimaginable loss for the betterment of humanity.

Alphabet was engaged to develop the brand identity, art direction, motion and digital design for both the exhibition and all marketing communications.

The exhibition shines a light on the humanity and life experiences of 43 Holocaust survivors who have shared their stories. The technology central to the exhibition invites you to converse with a Holocaust surviver on a life size screen. You are encouraged to ask what ever comes to mind – Can you forgive?  What makes you happy? Was there justice?

Reverberations_05 Image
Reverberations_06 Image

Collaborating with Sydney Jewish Museums curating and marketing teams, Alphabet profiled an extraordinary group of humans. All survivors in the campaign were well into their 80s. Spirited, generous and effortlessly beautiful to direct – it was crucial to visually represent each individual with authenticity and integrity.

The type design for the master brandmark suggests moving forward, progress… a sense of looking ahead. This is a visual representation of values held close by the Survivors Alphabet met and photographed.  The typography is modern, clean and considered. The combination of the full-length walking portraits with a contemporary type treatment positioned the exhibition as a relevant, topical and sophisticated museum experience, while also providing an introduction to wider audiences to the remarkable Survivors featured in the exhibition and across all campaign media touch points.

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“That’s me! I’m a survivor!”

Egon - One of the survivors in the exhibition and marketing image

As a cherry on top after working with such a wonderful group of people on this project, Alphabet was awarded a Distinction at the 2023 AGDA Design award in the Design for Good category recognising our Reverberation project being of exceptional standard.