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100 years at the Macc


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Celebrating a Century

Alphabet and the Sydney Jewish Museum continue to work together on many varied and interesting projects. The Maccabean Hall celebrating 100 years exhibit was no exception. The iconic building in  the heart of Darlinghurst turned 100 in 2023. To mark this occasion the museum approached Alphabet to design an exhibition to commemorate and celebrate the many functions of the hall over its rich and eclectic history.

Provided with an extensive archive of old photographs and stories, we worked with the museum’s curators – Roslyn Sugarman and Shannon Beiderman to establish a timeline of significant and potent events. Alphabet undertook concept and design of the exhibition design and installation.

The Maccabean Hall has played a significant role in the lives of many belonging to the Jewish Community. The 100 Years at the MAC exhibition acknowledges and salutes those who brought life to it and created lasting memories.

The branding approach is a mix of classic and contemporary. The blend of typography is a nod to the time the Macc has traversed. From its early beginnings as a place for refugees, to a community center for gymnastics, a venue for weddings and Bat Mitzvahs to its current status of being the only Holocaust Museum in Australia.

Working with a hit of hot pink, we activated a somewhat obscured space and built a cyc like structure floating on the allocated wall. Visitors can’t miss the shock of colour and are drawn towards it to discover a comprehensive overview of the hall in all its guises.