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Alphabet Studio

JC Decaux – Launch Campaign



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Art Direction
Image Creation


Photography: Michael Corridore

A day in the life

A day in the life of a JCDecaux city lite proved to be an extensive and hugely satisfying undertaking.  

To launch their  digital city lites, JCDecaux tasked Alphabet with conceptualizing the integral role outdoor media plays in our  day to day lives. We engage with the signs every day – on our way to work, school, social occasions, they are ever present sharing images, information and messaging. We consistently engage with the signs on our daily routines as we pass by in transit – walking, busing, riding or driving. They are part of the fabric of the city and now – they can house motion!

Alphabet developed a  24-hour visual narrative to reflect the integral relationship everybody has with outdoor media. Personifying the sign carrier positioned JCDecaux as an intrinsic feature of our day-to-day comings and goings… a part of our lives.

Working with photographer Michael Corridore, we undertook a rigorous photo shoot, capturing thousands of still frames and documenting one person’s daily routine. Framed within the proportions of the JCDecaux city lite, his day unfolds from waking, showering, teeth brushing through to his commute to work, his day in the office, a gym workout, a date and then back home and off to bed. The images were then compiled to follow the narrative. The citylight becoming a living,  breathing documentation of the familiar… a day in the life for many of us as –  we go through our daily routines.

Updating every 10 seconds, it was crucial that the timing be perfect. Each frame is captivating enough to provoke intrigue and engagement. Uploaded and controlled remotely, the static screen transformed into a live-action stop-motion animation, activating the streetscapes. The highly stylised imagery of the featured chap having a shower in the middle of Martin Place, Sydney achieved its objective. The motion component now being synonymous with one of the many exceptional outdoor media products created by the progressive and innovative JCDecaux.